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Daniel Manrique

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Science communication has been one of my great passions for a decade. In 2020, I launched ScienceLogs as a platform to bring the public closer to science in general, and especially to neuroscience, cosmology and biology. For this I have a website, a YouTube channel, and different social networks. If you are interested in embarking on this adventure, I would be delighted to collaborate with you.

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I’m a postdoctoral researcher at Laval University (Quebec, Canada) specialized in glial and extracellular matrix response following brain injury. I’m also an avid supporter of open and reproducible science. Would you like to know more about my work?

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Tenascin-C influences immune response, 2020


Where is the universe expanding to?

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A book to decipher some mysteries of the universe

For thousands of years, the dance of the night sky has fascinated the inhabitants of Earth, a small pale blue world immersed in an immeasurable sea of lights that we call the Universe. In Fundamentals of Cosmology (Spanish version only) I invite the reader to reflect on topics such as Why is there something instead of nothing? What is the Theory of Everything? What was there before the Big Bang? Does the universe have a shape? Was Einstein right with his cosmological constant? Is the universe finite or infinite? In this work for the public, I invite you to travel together to marvel at these and other questions of the cosmos.

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